The Strategy 

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Positive Impact

We aim that the Positive impact becomes a parameter in all business decisions; the impact analysis must be a priority in the evaluation of all the company choices.
Sustainability is a path, which we intend to pursue with determination, convinced that it is a necessary choice to continue generating beauty now and in the future, one flap of our wings at a time.

5 macro areas of sustainability

Sustainability is a multi-dimensional commitment, bearing a complexity that the Group is prepared to overcome. To start this path The Group has set up a specific analysis of its sustainability performances, leading to an accurate picture of the present situation, a profile of the different areas and the evidence of the development opportunities to grow, improve and become a regenerative company.

il team

The team

To trace out the path towards regeneration and guide the Group along it, a cross-functional team was created, composed of people with different background, who discussed on the most suitable  goals and  ways to our company. They were supported by a top level external partner, who had the role of leading us in facing this epochal challenge.

The team has the goal of coordinating the implementation of the improvement plan defined on the basis of the results of the sustainability performance evaluation and on the stakeholder Strategy setting.

Bia evaluation

The evaluation has been accomplished by using the BIA Tool (beneficial impact assessment), the internationally accepted reference method, and had as its purpose the quantitative and qualitative analyses of information, policies, actions and objectives existing within the Group. The profile emerged from the outcome of the study allowed to identify the strategic areas of improvement, on which we could build the sustainability plan.

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The Stakeholder Strategy

The goal is bringing the Group closer to its Stakeholders, listen to them and involve them in the decision-making processes. We have therefore identified the main internal and external interlocutors and have contacted them to understand their priorities. From their answers we could build an action plan and define the commitment  and communication types appropriate to achieve the goals in the sustainability areas that are relevant for us. Discover here the Stakeholder map and the Materliality Matrix

Goals and Challenges

To incorporate Sustainability in strategic business decisions we have committed to increase the percentage of managers who have responsibilities connected with Boero’s social and environmental mission. To keep a continuous dialogue with our stakeholders, we work on the implementation of the Stakeholder Engagement Plan.

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Gruppo Boero

We are constantly on the lookout for experiences, knowledge, and points of view different from ours to achieve plans and ideas capable to overcome more successfully the challenges posed by  society and the market today.

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