SDG 12 – Responsible consumption and production

Sustainable consumption and production answer the need to reduce drastically the out of control economic, environmental and social costs that the world is paying today.

SDG 14 – Climate action

One of the most devastating results that impact the business model thus far adopted by companies is indeed that of climate change, which is disrupting national economies and calls for coordinated solutions on an international level.

SDG 3 – Life below water

In the same way, the seas and oceans are also suffering the severe consequences of unsustainable economic activities. A careful management of the world’s water resources is the basis of a sustainable future. Reducing the use of resources, degradation and pollution in the entire production cycle seems a necessary condition for being able to achieve a sustainable ecosystem.

Boero wants to be part of the change in order to respond to the challenges of today and the future. For this reason it wants to incorporate principles and criteria of sustainability in its business and manufacturing so as to foster business based on the efficient use of resources and energy, sustainable infrastructures, environmentally friendly working practices – all of which ensure a better quality of life for all.

Our commitment

The group’s commitment towards environmental sustainability and the improvement of people’s quality of life is embodied in a specific research programme, for the development of eco-friendly, high-tech and low environmental impact paint solutions.




use of recycled products of total volumes


methane consumption reduction

Study launch

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Boero wants to be part of the strong change that is accelerating towards sustainable economies, which use renewable energy and define measures and actions that can reduce greenhouse gas emissions. In the same way, we consider  crucial the correct management and conservation of the seas and oceans that have always directly influenced entire systems.

citazione pianeta

Boero considers crucial the correct management and conservation of the seas and oceans.

Impact stories

gestione dei temi ambientali

Environmental issues management

Boero has been ISO 14001 certified for years and follows the requirements of this standard as a model for constant growth in the environmental field. In fact, an annual assessment of environmental aspects and impacts is carried out, with the aim of monitoring and limiting them, through appropriate improvement actions that are included and developed in an appropriate plan discussed with the Management.

gestione dei rifiuti

Waste management

The goal is reducing its impact on the territory, by constantly monitoring its consumption of raw materials and the waste produced by its activities. The improvement activities started with reference suppliers with regard to waste management led to an increase in the recovery of hazardous waste of about 50%.

materie prime utilizzate

Raw materials used

In 2022 the project on the use of recycled plastic for some product lines was born, both for the Building and Yachting part. The studies, in collaboration with the suppliers concerned, and the first tests have begun and full implementation is expected during 2023.

sistema di gestione dei consumi idrici

Water consumption management system

The water resources used by the Group are mainly employed within the production cycle. Due to modernisation work on the line, water discharges has been drastically reduced.

gestione energie ed emissioni

Energy consumption and emissions management system

The main energy sources used by the Group to carry out its activities fall into four types: electricity, natural gas, diesel fuel and petrol. In 2022 we registered an important decrease in natural gas consumption, of about 25% compared to the previous year.

Challenges and objectives

To create solutions that can meet global challenges, including through the strengthening of our current and future partnerships, which are indispensable for generating as wide and effective a positive impact as possible. 

Over time, we have always tried to develop paint products supporting long-term maintenance, the first rule of sustainability.

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We are constantly on the lookout for experiences, knowledge, and points of view different from ours to achieve plans and ideas capable to overcome more successfully the challenges posed by  society and the market today.

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