Community and Territory

comunita e territorio

SDG 11 – Sustainable cities and communities

Cities will have to be places of social inclusion, where all may have access to the same opportunities for prosperity and development, improving the use of resources and reducing pollution and poverty. Boero feels closely connected with the region in which it operates, and for this reason it respects it and looks after it needs through local actions designed to create social value for the people and places that need most attention.

Our commitment

We always want to create something that is “beautiful”. In our constant commitment to the territory, we have learnt the beauty of giving back, which makes us feel united within the Group and closely connected to the communities in which we operate.



more than 20

initiatives in favour of the community

more than 50000

economic commitment

more than 1000 litres

offered product

2000 sqm

realizations of structures painted free of charge with our paints

Our impact

Since our  foundation we  have always been closely connected to the territories that host us, seeking to respect, preserve and give back what it has received, rebalancing the impact of its activities through the creation of jobs and proximity actions, attentive to the local dimension and to the strengthening of the social fabric.

citazione comunita e territorio

Part of our mission is making the cities and territories in which we operate more inclusive, safe and sustainable.

Impact stories

gaslini art projects

Gaslini Art Project

In collaboration with the art space LaCattedrale, we supported  an artistic redevelopment project of ten works of art that colour the structure’s external walls , aimed at offering children an original interpretation of the world, thus supporting their dreams with a contribution of hope and beauty.

gaslini band orsi

Bears’ den

We have chosen to support the reconstruction of the “Covo degli Orsi”, a historic red wooden house built at the end of the 19th century, located a few hundred metres from the Gaslini children’s hospital. Thanks to Dr Pierluigi Bruschettini, the project coordinator and historic paediatrician of the Genoese hospital, the structure has been transformed into a home for families from all parts of Italy and the world who need to have their children treated at the Gaslini Hospital and, consequently, to stay in the city for longer or shorter periods.

genova global goals

Genova Global Goals

We participated as a technical sponsor in the first edition of the ‘Genova Global Goals Award’, a project inspired by the 17 Sustainable Development Goals established in 2015 by the United Nations and to which the Ligurian capital wants to confirm its commitment. The aim was to involve businesses, start-ups and the various local organisations and encourage them to present projects to make the city smarter, greener and more sustainable.

Derthona per Tortona

Derthona for Tortona

With a view to promoting the culture and practice of sport, for several years Boero has been supporting the local basketball team, Derthona Basket, which in recent years has also achieved important results by conquering top positions in the Serie A League.

edilizia etica

Ethical Building – collaboration with ColorAid

Also for 2022, for the third consecutive year, we have  chosen to support ColorAid, an ethical building project promoted by Radio Colore and the monthly trade magazine Colore & Hobby, in which several companies in the building industry take part in order to reclaim and redesign the colour of social housing facilities.

Challenges and objectives

We want to maintain and improve our connection with the territory, actively contributing to the transformation of urban centres in sustainable cities, especially by reducing negative impacts on the environment and improving safe, inclusive public spaces and the preservation of the shared artistic and cultural heritage. As a matter of fact, beauty has as a natural consequence, a greater respect for the places where people live, a greater care of common areas and therefore contributes to increase the spirit of belonging to their cities, stimulating positive behaviour in them. 

comunità e territorio sfide e obiettivi


Gruppo Boero

We are constantly on the lookout for experiences, knowledge, and points of view different from ours to achieve plans and ideas capable to overcome more successfully the challenges posed by  society and the market today.

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